About us

Flatcapsandbonnets.com was born in 2010 in order to service a need in the family history field to provide more that just dates, names and places.

We source publications from sites that provide Historical and Genealogical PDFs that have been scanned from out of copyright original books and the actual scans/PDFs and database rights have been placed into the public domain by the institutions that have made them available.

These PDFs are freely available to everyone who cares to search for them online.

A lot of time is invested by ourselves, sorting through the many duplicates of the same book title on the sites that we use in order to filter out and reject any of poor quality, and we constantly endeavour to make sure that the PDFs offered to you are of the best quality available at the time.

All of the PDFs have been processed to enable you to perform a full word search within the PDF viewer that you use. Most of the words can be found , saving you time.

Performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on old book scans in order to carry out a word search is not perfect, and the accuracy depends on the quality of the original scan of the book, the typeface and bleed etc. You can print any amount of pages and copy sections of text.

You can freely offer 'look-ups" to friends and relatives and also via social network sites/forums.

We only ask that you mention our site as the source.

We are constantly looking to find items that would be of interest to researchers and so the content on our site will increase over time.