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The Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 47 Vols PDF Books 1876-1923 DVD

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The Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
47 Volumes (1876-1923).

On 1 DVD


Vol. 1 (1876) - Note on Prehistoric Interments of the Cotteswold District - The Archives of the City of Gloucester - Remarks on The Manor, Advowson and Demesne Land of English Bicknor, Co. Gloucester - Notes on the Church and Priory of Deerhurst - On the recent destruction of a Gloucestershire Mehir - Aid against the Turks - On the Anthropology of Gloucestershire - Berkeley Castle - The Crypt of Gloucester Cathedral - On the Roman Wall of Gloucester - Churchdown in ye XII Century - Society Pages - 214 pages

Vol. 2 (1877-78) - Proceedjngs at Cirencester - On the Tyndales in Gloucestershire - Stowell House and Park - Remarks upon the Fajrford Windows - On the Ancient Church Plate at Cirencester - Seizure of Arms in the County of Gloucester in 1684 - On the three Periods, known as the Iron, the Bronze, and the Stone Ages - On the Monumental Brasses at Cirencester - Proceedjngs at Gloucester - Notes on the Tombs in Tewkesbury Abbey - On the probable date of the Foundation of Glevum, and its occupation by the Second Legion - Observations on the Iron Cinders found in the Forest of Dean and its -eighbourhood - Arms of the City of Gloucester - Some Records of Matson, in the County of Gloucester, and of the Selwyns - Tenures - of Land, by the Customary Tenants in Cirencester - Society Pages - 385 pages

Vol. 3 (1878-79) - Proceedings at Bristol - Elmore and the Guise Family - On Certain Crania disinterred at St. Werburgh's,Church, Bristol - Some Remarks on the Ancient Passage across the Severn - The History of the Guilds of Bristol - Bristol Cathedral - Vestiges of the Supremacy of Mercia in the South of England, during the eighth Century - The Crypt of St. Nicholas Church, Bristol - Appendix to The Crypt of St. Nicholas Church, Bristol - Bristol Castle - Notes on the Church of St. Mary Redcliffe - On the Manorial History of Clifton - The Dominicans & Dominican Priory - The Hospital of St. Mark, commonly called Billeswicke, or Gaunt's Hospital - Supplementary Notes on the Hospital of St. Mark of Billeswick, or Gaunt's Hospital - Antiquities at Cirencester and Berkeley. Memoranda of Certain Sketches - The Ancient Charter Privileges of the Bristol Freemen; whence derived and how maintained - Proceedings at Gloucester - On the Great Berkeley Law-Suit of the 15th and 16th Centuries, A Chapter of Gloucestersrure History - St. Briavel's Castle - St. Briavel's Castle (addendum) - On the Earls of Gloucester - 439 pages

Vol. 4 (1879-80) - Transactions at Cheltenham - Notes on the Manor and Parish Church of Cheltenham - The Poyntz Family - On the Landholders of Gloucestershire named in Domesday Book - British and Roman Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Cheltenham - Some Particulars of the Parish of Pebworth, Gloucestershire - Observations upon Certain Monumental Effigies in the West of England, particularly in the Neighbourhood of Cheltenham - Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestersrure - Transactions at Bristol - The Force and Value of Fine Art in Archaeology - The Date of the First Authentic Plan of Bristol - Notice of Earthworks in the Parish of English Bicknor - Appendix to Earthworks in the Parish of English Bicknor, "Family of Avenel" - Penpark Hole, A Roman Lead Mine - On the Recent Discovery of Remains of the Foundations of the Keep of Bristol Castle and of the Ancient Wells adjacent, with Notes of the Contents of one of the Wells - 384 pages

Vol. 5 (1880-81) - Proceedings at Stroud - Remarks on the Ancient Baptismal Font in Staunton Church, Gloucestershire - Tewkesbury Abbey Church - Description of the Chambered Tumuli of Uley and Nympsfield - Stanley St. Leonard's. The College of Canons and the Collegiate Church - Remarks on a Round Barrow in Hungerfield, in the Parish of Cranham - Notes on Bones, Concrete, Charcoal, &c - On some Bronze and other Articles found near Birdlip - Remarks on the Roman Pavement at Woodchester - Ancient Charter relating to Woodchester - State Papers relating to the Cloth Trade, 1622 - Proceedings at Cheltenham - Description of the Long Barrow called "West Tump," in the Parish of Brimsfield, Gloucestershire - The Berkeley Manuscripts, and their author, John Smith - State Papers respecting Bishop Cheyney, and the Recusants of the Diocese of Gloucester - Society Pages - 292 pages

Vol. 6 (1881-82) - Transactions at Chepstow - Chepstow Castle - On a Roman Ring - The Cistercians - The Architectural History of Tintern Abbey - On Roman Coins found in the Forest of Dean - The History of the Manors of Dean Magna and Abenhall, &c - Roman Remains in Lydney Park - Notes of Ancient British Forest Life-Material and other Transactions at Micheldean - The Churches of St. Michael and All Angels, Mitcheldean; St. Michael, Abenhall; and St. AEthelbert, Little Dean - Flaxley Abbey - The existing Remains - FlaxIey Grange - Transactions at Berkeley - Wanswell Court, and its Occupants for seven centuries - Slymbridge Church - Transactions at Gloucester - Remarks on Skeletons found at Gloucester in 1881 - Remarks on the same Skeletons - Remarks on a Collection of Skulls in a Vault under the Church of Micheldean - Transactions at Staunton and Newland - Society Pages - 408 pages

Vol. 7 (1882-83) - Transactions at Stow-on-the-Wold - Contents of Temporary Museum - The Church of St. Mary, Nether Swell - Old Bells in Gloucestershire Belfries - "Finds" on, or near to, the Excursion of the Society at Stow-on-the-Wold - Bledington Church - Oddington Church, Gloucestershire - The Northleach Court-Book - Notes or the Greyndour Chapel and Chantry in the Church of Newland, co Gloucester, and on certain Brasses there - St, Peter's Church, Upper Slaughter - History of the Manor and Advowson of Brockworth - Icomb Place - Notes on the Church Plate at Northleach - Pedigree of Throckmorton, of Tortworth, and Clowerwall - Transactions at Bristol - History of the Manor and Advowson of Staunton, in the Forest of Dean - History of Prinknash Park - The Old Hostelries of Bristol - Discovery at S. Briavels Castle - Society Pages - 400 pages

Vol. 8 (1883-84) - Transactions at Bath - Catalogue of Exhibits in Temporary Museum at Bath - Local Names - The Battle of Deorham - Sodbury Camp - Thornbury Church - The Excavations of Roman Baths at Bath - Transactions at Ruardean - History of the Parish and Manor of Ruardyn, alias Ruardean - St. Briavel: May he not be Identified with St. Ebrulfus? - Font at Hinton Parva - Roman Road from Corinium to Lydney - Transactions at Cirencester - The Earlier House of Berkeley - Hospital of St. Jolm, Cirencester - Chantry Certificates, Gloucestershire - Recent Roman "Finds" in Cirencester - List of Tokens found at Cirencester - The Family of James Johnson, successively Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester - St. Briavel: May he not be Identified with St. Ebrulfus? (Postscript) - Discovery of Interments at St. Briavels - Society Pages - 400mpages

Vol. 9 (1884-85) - Transactions at Evesham - Catalogue of Exhibits in Temporary Museum - Lists of Society's Books - On some Sculptured Effigies of Ecclesiastics in Gloucestershire - Notes on the Parish, the Church, and Ancient Religious Foundations of Ledeneia Parva or St. Briavels - Notes on Buckland Manor and Advowson from A.D. 709 to A.D. 1546 - Notes on an Excavation made near Evesham - The Almonry of Evesham Abbey - The Manor and Borough of Chipping Campden - The "Buckstone," in the Parish of Dixton, Monmouthshire - The Berkeleys of Dursley during the 13th and 14th Centuries - The Family of Haynes of Westbury-on-Trym, Wick and Abson, and other places in Gloucestershire - Cirencester: Its Manor and Town - On Feudal and Compulsory Knighthood - Addendum to the Memoir on the Manor and Borough of Chipping Campden - The Family of James Johnson, successively Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester - Society Pages - 416 pages

Vol. 10 (1885-86) - Transactions at Gloucester - The Mint of Gloucester - Harescombe - Fragments of Local History - Transactions of Tewkesbury - Catalogue of Exhibits in Temporary Museum, Tewkesbury - A By-Path of History - On the Daubeney Family & its connection with Gloucestershire - Notes on the Manors & Advowsons of Birt's Morton & Pendock - Supplementary to the Article on Haynes - Pershore Abbey Church - Transactions at Newent - The Manor of Bosham, Sussex - An Aid Levied in Gloucestershire, 20th Edward III - A Gloucestershire Jury List of the 13th Century - The Will of William Whittington, of St. Briavels - Society Pages - 393 pages

Vol. 11 (1886-87) - Transactions at Deerhurst - Notes on Saxon Architecture, with a description of Deerhurst Priory, Gloucestershire - Notes on the Conventual Buildings - On the Saxon Baptismal Font in Deerhurst Priory Church, ,vith notes upon other Early Fonts - The Saxon Chapel at Deerhurst - Cirencester Free Grammar School - "Kirby's Quest." - The Will of Richard Dixton, Esq - Transactions at Dursley - Dursley, Notes on its Lords, the Castle, Church and Borough - Notes on Tanner's Chapel in Dursley Church - Ancient Church Embroidery in Gloucestershire - A doubtful point in the Genealogy of Hicks of Beverston - On three Skulls found near the London Road, Gloucester - Court Roll of the Manor of Bicknor Anglicana, co. Gloucester - Further Note on the Saxon Chapel at Deerhurst - Some Notes on Wresden, Vley - List of the Merchants" Hall, Bristol, 1732 - Notes on Milo de Gloucester, and his connection with the Forest of Dene - On the Manor House of Wotton-under-Edge, and its Inhabitants - Notes on the Church of Wotton-under-Edge - Knights" Fees in Gloucestershire, 3rd Henry IV., with an Introduction - A Domestic Outrage in Gloucestershire, about the year 1220 - Notes on a Roman Inscribed Stone at Westonbirt - Ancient Church Embroidery in Gloucestershire (addendum) - Society Pages - 427 pages

Vol. 12 (1887-88) - Transactions at Cirencester - Remarks on an Astrolabe, belonging to F. A. Hyett, Esq., of Painswick House - Life of Edward of Lancaster - A Sketch - Notes on the Manor and Church at Daglingworth -1 - Additional Notes on the Manor of Daglingworth - Notes on the Manor and Church at Daglingworth -2 - Inventories of, and Receipts for, Church Goods in the County of Gloucester, and Cities of Gloucester and Bristol, with Notes - On the Hundredal and Manorial Franchise of the Furcas, Tumbrel, and Pillory - Manor of Tockington, and the Roman Villa - Further Remarks on an Astrolabe - Transactions at Stratford-upon-Avon - Presidential Address - Testa de Nevill, Returns for the County of Gloucester - Gloucestershire Royalist Families, &c - An Account of the Early Registers of Henbury, Gloucestershire - Transactions at Tockington Park - Society Pages - 393 pages

Vol. 13 (1888-89) - Transactions at Chipping Sodbury - On the Gilds of Sodbury and Dyrham - Hawkesbury Church - Notes on Mediaeval Dursley - Notes on the West Front of St. James, Parochial, formerly Priory, Church - Testa de Nevill, Returns for the County of Gloucester, No.2 - The Churches of Sodbury, co. Gloucester - Transactions at Gloucester - Inaugural Address - On the Structure of Roman Houses and their Ornamentation with Tesselated Pavements and other decorations - Annalia Dubrensia - St. Oswald's Priory, Gloucester - Gloucester Tokens of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries - Notes on the Manor and Church of Hempstead - The Early Days of the Abbey of S. Peter, Gloucester - Notes on a Monumental Effigy and a "Brass" in the Church of Quinton, Gloucestershire - The Grey Friars, Gloucester - The Berkeleys of Dursley - The Roman Villa, Tockington Park (Second Notice) - Further Remarks on the Ring of Senicianus - The Mint of Gloucester - Scrivens" Conduit - Institutions to Tockington Free Chapel - Gloucester: The Cathedral Monuments - The Guilds of Gloucester - Notes on the Church of St. Bartholomew, Churchdown - Testa de Nevill, Returns for the County of Gloucester, Nos. 3 to 7 - Roman Bristol and Roman Gloucester, compared with the Castra Praetoria and the sites of the Castra Peregrina, and of the Castra Equites Singulares at Rome - Some Account of the Parish of Brookthorpe - The Seals of the City of Gloucester - Transactions at Stroud - Society Pages - 471 pages

Vol. 14 (1889-90) - Transactions at Berkeley - The Architectural History of Avenmg Church, Gloucestershire - Testa de Nevill. Returns for Gloucestershire - The Ancient Apse of Deerhurst Church - History of the Manor and Advowson of Clifford Chambers, and some account of its Possessors - Abbot Newland's Roll of the Abbots of St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol - Sanctuary Knockers - Pychenecumbe - Abstracts of Original Documents in the Registers of the Abbey of St. Peter's, Gloucester - Transactions at Cheltenham - Accounts of Receipts and Payments for Exploration of the Roman Villa at Tockington Park - Leland in Gloucestershire - Remarks on the Liber Niger, or Black Book of the Exchequer - On Old Tools and Implements - Sevenhampton - A Perambulation of the Forest of Dean, co. Gloucester, 10th Edward I - Society Pages - 447 pages

Vol. 15 (1890-91) - Transactions at Bristol - Inaugural Address - Architectural History of Bristol Cathedral - On the Later Monuments in the Mayor's Chapel - On the Monumental Effigies of the Family of Berkeley - Cirencester Castle - Early Christianity in Gloucestershire - Notes on the Accounts of the Procurators, or Churchwardens, of the Parish of St. Ewen's, Bristol -1 - Refugee Settlements at Bristol - Notes on Some of the Constables of Bristol Castle and Town - Seal of the Hundred of Langley, Gloucestersrure - The Insignia and Plate of the City and County of Bristol - The Family of Yonge, or Young, of Bristol, and on the Red Lodge - The Surface Flints on the Cotteswold Hills - Notes on the Accounts of the Procurators, or Churchwardens, of the Parish of St. Ewen's, Bristol - 2 - The Cross at Ampney Crucis, Gloucestershire - A Further Communication on Documents connected with the Forest of Dene - The Will of William Selk, Vicar of All Saints, Bristol - Notes on Human Remains discovered at Clifford Chambers - Society Pages - 423 pages

Vol. 16 (1891-92) - Transactions at Malmesbury - On the Architecture of Malmesbury Church - Ancient Sculptures in the South Porch of Malmesbury Abbey Church - Transactions at Moreton-in-Marsh - The President's Inaugural Address - The History of Moreton-in-Marsh - The Last Battle of the First Civil War - Bourlon-on-the-Hill - Little Compton - its Church and Manor House - Worcester College, Oxford - Ladies" Costume in the Middle Ages as represented on Monumental Effigies and Brasses - Door-Frame at Ampney St. Mary, co. Gloucester - Transactions at Gloucester - Arnald de Berkeley, Baron of the Exchequer - Pedes Finium, or Excerpts from the Feet of Fines for the County of Gloucester, from the 7th John to the 57th Henry III - Notes on the Early English Lady Chapel, Gloucester Cathedral, built by Ralph and Olympias Wilington, A.D. 1224 - The Manor of Clifton - Gloucestershire in the Eighth Century - 286 pages

Vol. 17 (1892-93) - Transactions At Cirencester - The Parish Church of St. John the Baptist Cirencester - Cirencester Abbey Church - Cirencester Hospitals - Cirencester Grammar School - On a Roman Inscribed Stone Found At Cirencester - The Danes in Gloucestershire - The Berkeleys of Cobberley - Pedes Finium or Excerpts From the Feet of Fines, in the County of Gloucester, from the 30th Elizabeth to the 9th James I - On Some Pre-Roman Sculptured Slabs At DaglinS'vorth Church - The Armory And Merchants" Marks in the Ancient Church of Cirencester - Visit to Burford - Society Pages - 367 pages

Vol. 18 (1893-94) - Transactions at Newnham-on-Severn - The Course of Offa's Dyke in Gloucestershire - Cirencester Guild Merchant - Old Church Plate, and How to Describe It - The Whitsunday Rite at St. Briavel's - The Civil War in the Forest of Dean - The Benedictine Revival in the Huiccian Monasteries - A Family Connection of the Codrington Family in the 17th Century - Notes on the Borough and Manor of Newnham - The Ethnographical Survey of the United Kingdom - The Church Bells of Gloucestershire - The Dress of Civilians in the Middle Ages, from Monumental Effigies - The Knights Templars - The Pre-Domesday Hide of Gloucestershire - The Register of the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Parish Church of Cirencester - Transactions at Gloucester - Transactions at Bristol - Transactions at Stroud - 397 pages

Vol. 19 (1894-95) - Transactions at Ledbury - Transactions at Bredon - A History of Kemerton - Overbury Church - Notes on the History of Beckford - Berkeley Minster - The Domestic Life of Berkeley Castle - Two Bristol Calendars - An Account of Roman and Mediaeval Remains found on the site of the Tolsey at Gloucester - The Tallage of 6 Edward II., and the Bristol Rebellion - Haresfield :Manors and Church - The Chantries of Westbury-on-Severn - On the Discovery of Skeletons at the Barton, Cirencester - Notes on a great Hoard of Roman Coins found at Bishop's Wood - Transactions at Berkeley - Society Pages - 485 pages

Vol. 20 (1895-97) - Transactions At Monmouth - Autumn Meeting At Cirencester, September 24th, 1896 - Notes on The First Bristol and Gloucestershire Printers - The Fatal Field of Agincourt - Monmouth Castle and Priory - Raglan Castle - Grosmont Castle, Skenfrith Castle and Church, Pembroke Castle - Bradley, Wotton-Under-Edge - Henry V. in Fiction and in Fact - Cirencester Documents - The Leper Hospitals of St. Margaret and St. Mary Magdalen By Gloucester - The Will of Godfrey Giffard, Bishop of Worcester A.D. 1301 - Notes on Ancient Mining Tools Found in the Forest of Dean - A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the British Museum Relating to the County of Gloucester and the City of Bristol - The Church Bells of Gloucestershire. II - Brimpsfield Castle and Its Owners - Architectural Notes on the Churches of St. John, Elkstone, and St. Giles, Cubberley. from the Glynne Mss - On Some Ancient Roads on the Cotswolds - The Cotswolds in the Time of the Romans - Cotswold in Saxon Times - Some Thoughts on Old English Architecture, with Special Reference to the Cotswolds - Transactions at the Spring Meeting, and Excursion to Birdlip, Brimpsfield, Elkstone, Cowley, and Cubberley - Transactions at the Annual Summer Meeting At Stow-On-The-Wold - Society Pages - 420 pages

Vol. 21 (1898) - Transactions at the Spring Meeting at Yate, and Excursion to Iron Acton, Yate Court, Horton, and Little Sodbury, June 7th, 1898 - The Description of the Manor Place of Yate in the Second Year of Ed,.,Tard Vi. (AD. 1548-9) - The Berkeleys at Yate - The Origin of the Mercian Shires - The Moats Or Waterforts of the Vale of the Severn - Notes On the Roman Basilica at Cirencester, Lately Discovered - Lambeth and Its Annals - Richard Whittington, a Gloucestersrure Man - London Churches of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries - The Priory Church of S. Mary, Overie, Now the Collegiate Church of S. Saviour, Southwark - S. Bartholomew and His Cult in Medieval Times - Brewers" Hall - The Crypt of the Priory Church of St. John, at Oerkenwell - The Two Chapels in the Tower, of London - The Priory and Parochial Church of S. Helen's, Bishopsgate - S. Mary Abchurch with S. Lawrence Pountney - S. Stephen's, Walbrook - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestersrure Archaeological Society, at the Annual Summer Meeting in London, July 11th to 16th, 1898 - Memoir of the Family of Codrington of Codrington, Didmarton, Frampton-On-Severn, and Dodington - Society Pages - 441 pages

Vol. 22 (1899) - Transactions in the Nailsworth District, May 24th, 1899 - Transactions in the Fairford District, August 9th to 11th, 1899 - Stained and Painted Glass - Richard, Earl of Cornwall, and Henry of Almaine - Notes on Eastleach Martin and Eastleach Turville - Notes on Chavenage and the Stephens Family - Heraldry of the Summer Meeting - Pleas of the Crown at Bristol in 1287 - Documents Relating to the Monastery of st. Mary, Kingswood, Belonging to Mr. F. F. Fox - The Abbey of St. Mary, Hayles - Some Curious Incidents in Bristol History - The Transactions of the Society - Society Pages - 341 pages

Vol. 23 (1900) - Proceedings at the Meeting at Toddington, June 7th, 1900 - Proceedings at the Summer Meeting at Bath, July 17th, 18th and 19th 1900 - Roods and Roodlofts - Heraldic Notes Made During the Meeting at Toddington - Heraldic Notes Made During the Bath Meeting - St. Nicholas" Church, Gloucester - Bath, Mercian and West-Saxon - A Brief Account of the Stained and Painted Glass at Toddington House - The Manor and Church of Great Chalfield - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1900 - The Holy Blood of Hayles - The Seals of Tewkesbury Abbey - Remains of a Roman Villa Discovered at Brislington, December, 1899 - The Roman Road On Durdham Down - Clifton in 1746 - An Ancient Bronze Figure from Aust - Society Pages - 430 pages

Vol. 24 (1901) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Winterbourne, Almondsbury, Over Court and Westbury-On-Trym, June 6th 1901 - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting, at Chipping Campden, August 20th. 21st. and 22nd. 1901 - The Halleway Chauntry at the Parish Church of All Saints, Bristol, and the Halleway Family - The Architecture of Hayles Abbey - Bristol City Coat of Arms - The Family of Catchmay - A Note On Hidcote House - Aust, the Place of Meeting - The Hospital of St. John. Bristol - Sir John Fortescue, Buried at Ebrington, Gloucestershire - The Grammar School. Campden - Heraldry in Red Lodge. Bristol - Aust and Wiclif - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1901-2 - Remains of a Roman Villa Discovered at Brislington, Bristol, December 1899 - The High Cross at Gloucester - The Maces. Swordbearer, and Swords of the City of Gloucester - King Alfred and His Family in Mercia - Society Pages - 397 pages

Vol. 25 (1902) - Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Yatton, Wrington and Banwell - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Tewkesbury - The Monks of the Monastery of S. Mary at Tewkesbury - On Certain Rare Monumental Effigies - Bristol Cathedral Heraldry - Notes on French Jubes Or Roodlofts - Monumental Effigies in Bristol and Gloucestershire - Rural Deanery of Bisley - Rural Deanery of South Forest - Rural Deanery of Bitton - Heraldry of the Winterboume Excursion - Heraldry of the Chipping Campden Meeting - The Story of the Two Lantonys - Deerhurst, Pershore and Westminster - Rural Deanery of Cheltenham - Rural Deanery of Cirencester - Rural Deanery of Stapleton - The Arrangement of the Chancel at Deerhurst - The Grave of Bishop Carpenter - Society Pages - 369 pages

Vol. 26 (1903) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Maimesbury and Sherston - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Gloucester - Incidents in the Early History of Gloucester - The Maire of Bristowe Is Kalendar: Its List of Civic officers, Collated with Contemporary Legal Mss - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1902 - The Stained Glass Art of the Fourteenth Century - Heraldry in Tewkesbury Abbey - The Battle of Tevlrkesbury, 1471 - Effigies of Bristol - The Mercers" and Linen Drapers" Company of Bristol - The Crypt Church, Gloucester, Sometimes Called St. Mary of South Gate - Osric of Gloucester - Notes on Roman Roads, with An Account of Excavations On the Fosse Road at Radstock and On a Road Near North Stoke, Bath - The So-called King's Board at Tibberton Court, Near Gloucester - Society Pages - 414 pages

Vol. 27 (1904) - Proceedings of the Annual Spring Meeting at Bredon, Strensham and Pershore - Proceedings of the Annual Summer Meeting at Hereford - The Early Connection between the Churches of Gloucester and Hereford - Effigies of Bristol - The Church and Monastery of Abbey Dore - Bristol Cathedral: The Choir Screen - The Date of Wansdyke - The Painswick or Ifold Villa - On Some Gloucestershire Manuscripts now in Hereford Cathedral Library - The Parish Records of All Saints Bristol - Heraldry Read at the Bredon Meeting - Effigies in Gloucester Cathedral - Bristol Archaeological Notes for 1903 - The Old Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Bristol - The Bristol Honvells - 449 pages

Vol. 28 (1905) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Berkeley and North Nibley - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Cheltenham and Worcester - The Monastic and Kindred Institutions of Bristol and Gloucestershire - Some Ancient Deeds Relating to the Manor of Southam, Near Cheltenham - The Misereres in Gloucester Cathedral - Heraldic Notes of the Spring Excursion to Berkeley Castle - Notes on Heraldry in Churches During Cheltenham Meeting - Monumental Effigies, Deaneries of Stonehouse and Stow - The Ancient Tolzey and Pie Poudre Courts of Bristol - Some Notes On the Visitations of Gloucestershire - Index to the Heraldry in Bigland's History of Gloucestershire - 568 pages

Vol. 29 (1906) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting. at Chepstow, St. Briavels and Tintern - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Bristol - Exhibition of Old Bristol Plans, Bristol Coinage, Antiquities, etc., at the Conversazione, Bristol, On July 17th, 1906 - The Religious Houses of Bristol and their Dissolution - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1904 - Notes on Crania Found On the Site of the Carmelite Friary - Monumental Effigies (I) - Certain Roman Remains at Watercombe, Near Bisley - Monumental Effigies (II) - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1905 - Gilbert De Laci (1108-1163) and Pain Fitzjohn (-1137) - Some Notes On the Purlieus of the Forest of Dean - On a Roman Road from Old Sarum to Uphill, and its Structure at Chewton Mendip, Where Cut Through in 1906 - Notes On the Iron are Mines of the Forest of Dean, and On the History of their Working - Grant By Sir John Benet of Doyly in the County of Middlesex, to Pembroke College in the University of Oxford in 1676 - Society Pages - 449 pages

Vol. 30 (1907) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Northleach and Chedworth - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Cirencester - The Modern Status of Archaeology and the Hopes of Archaeology in Relation to Certain Dark Periods in Britain - The Archaeology of Tradition - The Silver Plate and Insignia of the City of Gloucester - Monumental Effigies: Rural Deanery of Hawkesbury - The Priory of St. Guthlac, Hereford - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1906 - The Medieval Chapels of Bristol - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1907 - Notes on a Leaden Vessel in Gloucester Museum - On a Skeleton and Other Relics Lately Found in a Romano-British Settlement at Radstock - Witcombe Villa - The Lond Or Loud Brass in St. Peter's Church, Bristol - Note On the Printed Text of William Worcestre - The Heraldry of Some of the Citizens of Bristol Between 1662 and 1688 - Society Pages - 381 pages

Vol. 31 (1908) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Newent - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Cardiff - Early Connection Betw'een Glamorgan and Gloucestersrure - Monumental Effigies (I) - Gloucestersrure Mediaeval Libraries - Monumental Effigies (II) - The Smyths of Ashton Court - Caerphilly Castle - St. John's Church, Cardiff - The Gloucestersrure Fonts - Head of An Early Fourteenth-Century Effigy in St. Prulip's Church, Bristol - A Few Notes On the Heraldry Seen at the Spring Meeting, June 2nd, 1908 - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1908,1909 - 364 pages

Vol. 32 (1909) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Standish, Moreton Valence, Frampton and Leonard Stanley - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Evesham - An Address Delivered at Evesham By the President of the Society - The Campaign of Evesham, June-August 1265 - The Almshouses of Bristol - The Northern Boundary of Gloucestersrure - Church Furniture and Decoration of the Renaissance Period in Bristol - Some Ancient Deeds Relating to Walton, Cardiff - On a Hoard of Half-Crowns of Charles I Deposited Early in 1645 - The Chronological Sequence of the Bristol Parish Churches - Monumental Effigies - St. Peter's Church, Bristol - Gloucestersrure Fonts - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1909 - 400 pages

Vol. 33 (1910) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Toddington and Winchcombe - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Oxford - An Address Delivered at Oxford By the President of the Society - The Founders" Book of Tewkesbury Abbey - The Roman Pavement at the Barton, Cirencester - Monumental Effigies - The Parochial Boundaries of Bristol - The Forest of Dean and its Relations with the Crown During the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries - Gloucestersrure Fonts - The Owners of the Great House, Henbury, Gloucestersrure - The Manor and Site of Hullasey, Gloucestersrure - Society Pages - 418 pages

Vol. 34 (1911) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Bristol - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Oxford and Fairford - Chronological Tables Relating to Oxford - An Address Delivered at Oxford - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1910 - Burford Priory - Ancient Painted Glass in Gloucester Cathedral - The Gloucestersrure Bell-Foundries - Heraldic Notes Taken During the Oxford Meeting of 1920 - Monumental Effigies - Gloucester Cathedral - Gloucestersrure Fonts - Society Pages - 303 pages

Vol. 35 (1912) - Notes on the Burial-Places of England's Royal House - An Account of the Heath House Estate, Stapleton Gloucestershire - Some Account of Sir Robert atkyns the Younger and Other-Members of the Atkyns Family - Monument to and Heraldry of Sir John and Dame Yonge (Young) in Bristol Cathedral - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1911 - Banwell Screen and Rood-Loft - Portraits of the Bishops of Gloucester - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Dursley - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Ross - Society Pages - 222 pages

Vol. 36 (1913) - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Wells and Glastonbury - Proceedings at the Autumn Meeting at Gloucester, Tredington, Stoke Orchard and Swindon - Thomas Bekynton - An Account of the Leigh Woods, in the Parish of Long Ashton, County of Somerset - Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1912 - The History of Kempley Manor and Church, Gloucestershire - Flowers in Stone As Applied to the Church Architecture of Bristol - Gloucestershire Fonts - Note on the Entry in Domesday Book Relating to Westbury-on-Severn - Places of Meeting and Presidents of the Society - Places Visited. Chronological List - Places Visited. County and Alphabetical List - Report On the Excavation at Druid Stoke - The 1625 Survey of the Smaller Manor of Clifton - Trinity Hospital, Bristol - Old Arle Court - The Woollen Industry of Gloucestershire: A Retrospect - Flowers in Stone - 430 pages

Vol. 37 (1914) - Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Avening, Doughton, Tetbury, Beverston and Crudwell - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Warwick, Coventry and Stratford - Presidential Address - Presentation to the Rev. C. S. Taylor - Some Notes On Tetbury, its Church and Court Leet - An Introduction to the Cartulary of St. Mary's, Warwick - A Brief Account of the Church of St. John Baptist, Coventry, and its Precincts - Gloucestershire Fonts - Letters of Thomas Dudley Fosbroke - The Manuscripts of Coventry - Dr. Johnson's Friends and the Cotswolds - Early Deeds Relating to St. Peter's Abbey, Gloucester - Heraldry On the Maps in the Second Part of Volume 35 - Society Pages - 287 pages

Vol. 38 (1915) - Proceedings at the Annual General Meeting at Gloucester - Visit to Leonard Stanley - Early Deeds Relating to St. Peter's Abbey, Gloucester - Further Early Deeds Relating to St. Peter's Abbey, Gloucester - The East Window of Gloucester Cathedral - Notes On the Ecclesiastical History of the Parish of Henbury - Gloucestershire Fonts. - Local and other notes - Society Pages - 256 pages

Vol. 39 (1916) - The Legend of St. Kenelm - Gloucestershire Fonts. - Herefordshire Place-Names - Ancient Stained Glass in the Parish Church of St. John, Cirencester - Additions to Mr. Chubb's Descriptive Catalogue of Printed Maps of Gloucestershire - Society Pages - 303 pages

Vol. 40 (1917) - Proceedings at the Annual General Meeting at Gloucester - The Ethnologist in Archaeology - Gloucestershire Fonts. (a) 15th Century - The Norman Settlement of Gloucestershire - Withington Peculiar - Pauntley Manor and the Pauntley Custom - The Arms of the See of Gloucester - Some Early Artists of Gloucester - 206 pages

Vol. 41 (1918-19) - Proceedings at Annual General Meeting, Bristol, 1918 - The Work of the Society. Address - Gloucestershire Fonts: (b) 15th Century - Correspondence Betw'een the Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, and the Prior of Worcester in 1311 - Gloucestershire Bell Foundries Continued. II. the Bristol Foundry - Fresh Material Evidence Relating to Norman Gloucester - People of Some Importance in Medieval Gloucester - Rules of the Society As Amended 22nd July, 1918 - Proceedings at Annual General Meeting, Bristol, 1919 - An Archaeological Survey - An Archaeological Revival. Address - Proceedings at Autumnal Meeting, Cirencester, 1919 - Report On a Search For the Site of the Chapel of St. Blasius, Henbury - Visit to the Churches of Barnsley, Bibury, Aldsworth, Winson, Coin Rogers, and CoIn St. Denys - North Nibley Tithe Terrier - Lech1ade Hospital - 371 pages

Vol. 42 (1920) - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting, Malvern, June, 1920 - Presidential Address - A Sketch of the History of Malvern and its Owners - The 'Collegiate" Church of Ledbury - The Architecture of the Church of St. Michael, Ledbury - Gloucestershire Fonts (c) Fifteenth Century - A Glass House at Nailsworth (16th and 17th Century) - Some Miscellaneous Bristol Deeds - Bristol Archaeological Notes, 1913-1919 - Miscellaneous Notes On Gloucestershire Bells - Society Pages - 232 pages

Vol. 43 (1921) - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Gloucester, July, 1921 - Presidential Address - Some Recent Discoveries at Flaxley Abbey, Glos., and their Relation to Mr. Middleton's Plan Made in 1881 - The Customs of the Forest of Dean - St. Briavel's Castle (Ledeney Parva) - The Jurisdiction of the Archbishops of York in Gloucestershire, with Some Notes On the History of the Priory of St. Oswald at Gloucester - Avening Church - The Glass of the East Window of the Lady Chapel in Gloucester Cathedral - What Was the Primary Use of 'Low Side Windows" - Bristol and the Rev. Dr. Thos. White's Essex Estates - Notes on Portraits of Sir Edward Massey - The Early Years of the Royal Gloucester Yeomanry Cavalry - An Inventory of the Goods of John

White of Brystowe Taken in 1559 - 340 pages

Vol. 44 (1922) - Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Chepstow and Tintem 29th May 1922 - Proceedings of the Annual Summer Meeting at Tetbury and Malmesbury 22nd July 1922 - Keynotes on Collecting - Bristol Archaeological Notes, 1920-1923 including the latest 'Chatterton Find" - The Excavation at Cirencester, February - March 1922 - On the Inscribed Brick-Tabula found at
Cirencester - Early charters of Saint Nicholas Church, Bristol - Philip Jones of Cirencester - Early Bristol Medical Institutions, the Medieval Hospitals, and Barber Surgeons - Gloucestershire Fonts (d) Fifteenth Century - A hitherto unknovm Original Print of the Great Plan of Bristol by Jacobus Millerd, 1673 - Stanley St. Leonards - St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol - The Great East Window of Gloucester Cathedral - Inscription at Clapton - Gloucestershire Literature: Supplement to the "Bibliographer's Manual" - Conference of Record Societies - Schedule of Ancient Monuments - Bristol Diocesan Advisory Committee - Celt at Ozleworth - Millerd's Plan of Bristol, 1673 - Cavalry Standards at Bromesberrow - Cirencester Place-names: Lewis Street - Society Pages - 394 pages

Vol. 45 (1923) - Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Frocester, Stanley St. Leonard, Sapperton and Miserden, 28th May, 1923 - Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Chipping Campden, September, 1923 - Presidential Address - The Church and Rectory of Buckland - Custom-Scrubs or Roman Tump - A Romano-Celtic Sculpture at Churcham - Bromesberrow - Annalia Dubrensia - Tobacco Pipes of Bristol of the 17th Century and their Makers - Excavations at Sea Mills - Some Early Court Rolls of the Manors of Stonehouse, King's Stanley, Woodchester, and Achards - The First Latin-English Dictionary. A Bristol University Manuscript - Excavations at 'Chapel Haye," Churchdown - A Roman Draught-Board - Romano-British Villa at Whitminster - Compotus Roll of Tewkesbury Abbey - The Society's Library - The Brin-vell Library - Ancient Bridges - County Muniments - English Place-Names - Records of York - Romano-British Altar at Siddington - The Paen at Cirencester - The Roman-British Stationes on Irmin Street - Ancient Monuments in Gloucestershire - 377 pages

Index to Volumes 1-20 - 267 pages

Index to Volumes 21-40 - 426 pages

This DVD contains .PDF format files and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free from the Adobe website) or similar PDF reader installed on your computer to view them. All PDFs are searchable, which means you can input any name into your PDF viewers search or find box and most occurances will be highlighted, saving you valuable time. Indexing PDFs is not perfect so some words may be missed during a search. In order to keep as much of the detail as possible, some of the illustration rich PDF files are large. You can view them direct from the DVD but it is recommended that you transfer each file to your PC for fast loading.


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