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Modern Beauty Shop American Hairdresser 1940s Hairstyles. 4 Books & 32 Magazines PDF Disc

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Part 1.

4 Books combined into a 356 Page, PDF.

Part 2

32 Issues, Magazines From the World War 2 Era, 1939-1943.
Each scanned from the originals and converted to PDF and supplied on 1 DVD Disc. (only viewable via computer with a DVD drive and a suitable PDF viewer such as Acrobat reader Etc.)

Part 1

Re-create 1940s hairstyles by following simple instructions in these 4 vintage PDF re-publications.
(Thumbnails of page images shown below the main image above)

Book 1.'How To Dress Your Own Hair" 1st edition 1944 ,

Book 2. 'How It's Done......Hairstyles For You" 1st edition 1948,

Book 3. 'The Art Of Hairstyling & Hair Design" 1947,

Book 4. 'Hairstyle Design" 1946.

Plus an extra bonus of genuine beauty guides to help you complete the 'look'

These books will teach you how you can create those glamorous 1940's hairstyles and how you can create the full 1940's look.

Written by the experts of the era, you'll soon be able to create genuine styles. The Authors of the first two books realized that women wanted to be able to style their own hair at home.

Book 1. How To Dress Your Own Hair

"This book is written for those ladies who would like to dress their own hair in the latest styles. It will save them both time and money.

Having been in the hairdressing business for many years, I have met ladies who are able to dress their own hair as well as any hairdresser.


With a little time and study you can arrange any of the combination of styles that are described and illustrated herein to suit any individual."

Book 2 . How It's Done......Hairstyles For You

"THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK is to present professional hairstyling methods in a simplified and easy-to-understand way, so that all may benefit from the heretofore closely guarded secrets of the master hairstylists."

If women could do their own hair in the 1940s by following the techniques in these books then the women of the noughties should easily be able to re-create those looks.

There was a time when women learned the art of styling their own hair. On Fridays and Saturdays, female friends and relatives would style each other's hairdo ready to go out on the town . If you were adept in the skill you would style your own.

Alas, because of convenience in a busy world, women now rely heavily on hairstylists and GHD's.

The skills needed for a 1940s and early 1950s hairstyle (before rollers became popular) were how to do fingerwaves and pin curls.

These books will teach you through simple instructions and pictures how you can recreate the styles from the 1940's. How to create those pincurls and fingerwaves.

Book 1 - How To Dress Your Own Hair 1st edition 1944

Dress your own hair
Instructions for finger waving
Making the curls
The back Pompadour
The front Pompadour
The back sweep Pompadour curl
The wave curl
The brush back with wave and fluff
The roll back of the side sections
The back sweep with the curls or fluff
The side wave with curls
The side fluff curls with the swing curl
The plain wave with curly ends
The soft fluffy back
Waves with fluff
The waves with roll curls
Swirl wave back with curls
The victory curl
The up-do
The page boy

Book 2 - How It's Done......Hairstyles For You 1948

The two hairstyling principles
What is a good haircut?
The four basic hairstyle groups
How to select the most becoming hairstyles for the different face types
How to arrange hair to overcome facial and head defects
How to finger wave
How to make sculpture curls
Little girl hairstyles how to set, how to comb
Teen age hairstyles how to set, how to comb
Hairstyles for 20 to 60 age group how to set, how to comb
Bangs and rolls how to set, how to comb

Book 3 - The Art Of Hairstyling & Hair Design 1947

Curls - Requirements of Correct Curls
Types of Bases, Forming of "Left"and "Right" Curls
An Incorrect Method Discussed
Curls into Waves
Inserting Hairpins.
Correct Fingerwaving Leads to Correct Styling
Correct Partings
Hairstyle Composition
Harmony of Proportion
Simplicity of Design
Flow of Design
The Art of Combing
Oval Hairdressing
Comb and Brush
Modern Style Types : - Coquette - Long Oval - Pivot Bob Pompadour -Classic Center Part - Feather Froth - High Slant - Bustle Back - Bangs- Junior Miss - French Twist - Criss Cross Up sweep Grecian - Conservative.
Razor Hairshaping .

Book 4. Hairstyle Design 1946


Book One

The Art of Hairstyle Design

Chapter I Design
Chapter Ii Individual Style Designing

Book Two

The Technique of Hairstyle Design

Chapter Iii Hairshaping
Chapter Iv the Finger Wave
Chapter V the Foundation Curl
Chapter Vi Affinity of Curls to Waves
Chapter Vii Basic Style Treatment
Chapter Viii Combing and Dressing

As you can see from the sample graphics above, all styles within these pdf books use a combination of waves & pin curls. They are simply explained with diagrams and instructions on where to place your waves & curls for the style illustrated. .

Don't forget the extra beauty guides to complete your retro look.

These are genuine vintage instructions from 1940s hairstylist publications

More Bangs - How to create 6 styles

The French Braid (how to do it)

How To Make a Veiled Hat

Make-Up Techniques Of The 1940s

Eyes Right and Wrong. (Arched Eyebrows)

1940s Nail Manicure (Half Moon, White Tips)

The Do's And Don'ts Of Lovely Lips

Part 2.

32 Magazines Of 1940s Hairstyles.

Ideal reference material for fans of the era and professionals who would like to recreate the look.

A selection of page thumbnails can be seen in the image gallery above.

1 5th Edition Beauty Book Of Knowledge 1942 - 156 pages

2 American Hairdresser - December 1943 Section one - 74 pages

3 American Hairdresser - February 1942 Section one - 84 pages

4 American Hairdresser - February 1943 Section one - 76 pages

5 American Hairdresser - March 1943 Section one - 68 pages

6 American Hairdresser - May 1942 Section one - 84 pages

7 American Hairdresser - May 1943 Section one - 76 pages

8 American Hairdresser - November 1943 Section one - 84 pages

9 American Hairdresser - September 1942 Section one - 76 pages

10 American Hairdresser - September 1943 Section one - 76 pages

11 American Hairdresser, Finnese - December 1942 - 52 pages

12 American Hairdresser, Finnese - March 1943 - 52 pages

13 Modern Beauty Shop - April 1940 Section One - 140 pages

14 Modern Beauty Shop - Aug 1941 Section one - 85 pages

15 Modern Beauty Shop - August 1940 Section one - 126 pages

16 Modern Beauty Shop - August 1942 Section One - 100 pages

17 Modern Beauty Shop - December 1939 Section one - 128 pages

18 Modern Beauty Shop - December 1940 Section One - 124 pages

19 Modern Beauty Shop - December 1942 Section One - 106 pages

20 Modern Beauty Shop - December 1943 Section One - 124 pages

21 Modern Beauty Shop - February 1943 Section One - 99 pages

22 Modern Beauty Shop - February 1941 Section One - 132 pages

23 Modern Beauty Shop - July 1940 Section One - 128 pages

24 Modern Beauty Shop - July 1943 Section One - 100 pages

25 Modern Beauty Shop - June 1942 Section One - 108 pages

26 Modern Beauty Shop - June 1943 Section One - 108 pages

27 Modern Beauty Shop - March 1941 Section One - 142 pages

28 Modern Beauty Shop - November 1940 Section One - 132 pages

29 Modern Beauty Shop - November 1942 Section One - 103 pages

30 Modern Beauty Shop - October 1940 Section One - 139 pages

31 Modern Beauty Shop - October 1942 Section One - 114 pages

32 Modern Beauty Shop - September 1942 Section One - 116 pages


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