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Essex 109 History PDF Books

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109 PDF Books About The History Of Essex
Including Parish Registers
On 1 DVD


1. The Registers Of Ongar - Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1558-1750 - 176 pages

2. The Registers Of St. Margaret's, Toppesfield Parish - Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1559-1650 - 102 pages

3. The Parish Registers Of Beaumont - Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1564-1677 - 71 pages

4. The Parish Registers Of Bobbingworth - Baptisms 1559-1785, Marriages 1559-1753 & Burials 1559-1785 - 134 pages

5. The Parish Registers Of Fyfield - Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1538-1700 - 161 pages
6. The Parish Registers Of Greensted - Baptisms 1562-1812, Marriages 1576-1812 & Burials 1562-1812 - 87 pages

7. The Parish Registers Of Lambourne - Baptisms 1582-1709, Marriages 1584-1708 & Burials 1584-1708 - 73 pages

8. The Parish Registers Of Moze - Baptisms 1548-1678, Marriages 1559-1674 & Burials 1558-1668 - 73 pages

9. The First Register Of Saint Mary's Church, Bocking - Baptisms 1561-1605, Marriages 1593-1639 & Burials 1558-1628 - 287 pages

10. The Parish Registers Of Stapleford Tawney - Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1558-1752 - 90 pages

11. The Parish Registers Of Stifford - Baptisms 1568-1783, Marriages 1572-1753 & Burials 1572-1783 - 137 pages

12. The Parish Of Ashdon Marriage Registers - 1557-1812 - 836 Entries

13. The Parish Of Boxted Marriage Registers - 1559-1837 - 819 Entries

14. The Parish Of Chelmsford Marriage Registers - 1539-1837 - Over 6,000 Entries

15. The Parish Of Navestock Marriage Registers - 1538-1812 - 804 Entries

16. The Parish Of Walthamstow Marriage Registers - 1650-1837 - 1,824 Entries

17. The Registers Of The Dutch Church At Colchester, Baptisms 1645-1728: Includes a lengthy introduction with the history of the "Strangers" in Colchester & an appendix with various other records - 221 pages

18. The Register Of The French Church At Thorpe-le-Soken in Essex 1684-1726 - 39 Pages

19. The Registers Of Stock Harvard - Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1563 -1700 - 97 pages

20. The Parish Of Roxwell Marriage Registers - 1559-1837 - 1,050 Entries

21. The Parish Of Widford Marriage Registers - 1619-1837 - 1,445 Entries

22. The Parish Of Wormingford Marriage Registers - 1559-1837 -594 Entries

23. The Parish Of Writtle Marriage Registers - 1634-1837 - 1,803 Entries

24. The Parish Of Great Leighs Marriage Registers - 1560-1837 - 793 Entries

25. The Parish Of Little Leighs Marriage Registers - 1680-1837 - 295 Entries

26. The Parish Of Great Horkesley Marriage Registers - 1558-1611 & 1685-1836 - 857 Entries

27. The Parish Of Little Horkesley Marriage Registers - 1568-1812 - 348 Entries

28. Essex References From The Parish Register Of Bishop Stortford, Herts, 1561-1712 - 16 pages

29. Theydon Mount : Its Lords And Rectors. With A Complete Transcript Of The Parish Registers And Monumental Inscriptions - 85 pages

30. The Register Of Admissions To The Royal Grammar School Of Colchester 1637-1740 - 116 pages

31. Sepulchral Memorials Of Bobbingworth. With Genealogical notes And Pedigrees - 1888 - 63 pages

32 & 33. The Visitations of Essex by Hawley, 1552: Hervey, 1558; Cooke, 1570; Raven, 1612; and Owen and Lilly, 1634.To Which Are Added, Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees From Various Harleian Manuscripts: And An Appendix Containing Berry's Essex Pedigrees - Total of 867 pages

34, 35 & 36. Feet Of Fines For Essex. For Six And A Half Centuries Final Concords, Otherwise Known As Fines, Were A Most Important Method Of Transfer Or Settlement Of Real Property In England. The Normal Procedure Was As Follows: An Action, Real Or Fictitious, Was Brought In The Court Of Common Pleas; The Parties Being Called Plaintiff And Deforciant, Plaintiff And Impedient, Or Demandant And Tenant, According To The Nature Of The Plea; And An Agreement Was Made For A Consideration, And Publicly Proclaimed In Succeeding Terms. This Agreement Was Engrossed In The Form Of An Indenture Of Three Parts; One Of Which, Called The Foot Of The Fine, Was Kept By The Court, While The Two Counterparts Were Given To The Parties. The Effect Was To Give The Most Perfect Title Possible - A total of 1,107 pages

37, 38 & 39. Court Rolls Of The Borough Of Colchester 1310-1379 - The Court Rolls Explain Themselves. They Are A Record Of The More Important "Town Business" In Early Days And They Are The Clerk's Statement Of All Fees And Fines Received. It Will Be Seen That Occasionally They Record "A Full Assembly Of The Burgesse " To Decide Some Matter Of Importance ; But For The Most Part The Business Of The Court Was Judicial. All Sorts Of "Trespasses" Were Dealt With Assaults, Encroachments, And Petty Misdemeanours And Actions For The Recovery Of Debts Were Numerous - A Total of 755 Pages

40. The Poll For Members Of Parliament For The Borough Of Colchester, In The County Of Essex; Taken Before William Seaber, Esq; Mayor, On Wednesday The 31st Of March, And Thursday The 1st Of April, 1784. Published By Permission Of The Worshipful The Mayor, And Examined With The Original Poll - 43 pages

41. The Poll For Members To Serve In Parliament For The Borough Of Colchester: Taken On Wednesday, May 30, 1831 - 31 pages

42. The Poll For A Knight Of The Shire For The County Of Essex, Taken At Chelmsford On Wednesday 31st January 1810 - 87 pages

43. The Poll For Members Of Parliament For The Borough Of Maldon Taken On The 3rd Of July, 1841 - 24 pages

44. The Poll For Members Of Parliament For The Borough Of Maldon Taken On The 28th Of March, 1857 - 24 pages

45. The Poll For Members Of Parliament For The Borough Of Maldon Taken On The 10th Of July, 1852 - 22 pages

46. Poll Book For Members Of Parliament For The Borough Of Colchester On Weds 16th March 1768. Containing 2,570 Names Of Voters, Their District/Parish, Occupation And How They Voted - 65 pages

47, 48 & 49. The History Of Rochford Hundred (Together With The Parishes Comprised Within The Union) From Former Authors, Ancient Manuscripts And Church Registers, Treating Upon Various Subjects, Including Notices Of Churches And Chapels, The Clergy, Biography And Genealogy Of Families Traditions; Superstition; Agriculture; Tithe Aportionments And Various Other Matters - A Total Of 940 pages

50, 51, 52, 53, 54 & 55 The Essex Almanac For 1865-1870 - A Total Of 799 pages

56. An Inventory Of The Historical Monuments In Essex V. 1 North-west - 567 pages

57. An Inventory Of The Historical Monuments In Essex V. 3. North-east - 429 pages
58. An Inventory Of The Historical Monuments In Essex V. 4. South-east - 476 pages

59 & 60. Excursions In The County Of Essex: Comprising A Brief Historical And Topographical Delineation Of Every Town And Village; Together With Descriptions Of The Residences Of The Nobility And Gentry, Remains Of Antiquity, And Every Other Interesting Object Of Curiosity. Forming A Complete Guide For The Traveller And Tourist. Illustrated With One Hundred Engravings - A Total Of 472 pages

61. The People's History Of Essex, Comprising A Narrative Of Public And Political Events In The County, From The Earliest Age To The Present Time (1861); The Hundreds And Boroughs; With Sketches Of Their Antiquities And Ruins, The Seats Of The Nobility And Gentry, And A Epitome Of The Parochial Charities - 644 pages

62. Tendring Hundred In The Olden Time. A Series Of Sketches. Includes Harwich And Dovercourt, Thorpe-Le-Soken, Harwich And Dovercourt, Thorpe-Le-Soken, Beaumont-Cum-Mose, Great Bentley, Little Bentley, Walton-Le-Soken, Kirby-Le-Soken, Frinton, Great Holland, Little Holland, Manningtree And Mistley, Lawford, Bradfield, Tendring, Ardleigh, Alresford, Elmstead, Frating, Thorington, Brightlingsea, Great Clacton, Little Clacton, St. Osyth, Weeley, Great Bromley, Little Bromley, Great Oakley, Little Oakley, Wrabness, Ramsey And Wix - 255 pages

63. Twenty Two Of The Churches Of Essex Architecturally Described And Illustrated - 226 pages

64. Annals Of Evangelical Nonconformity In The County Of Essex - 650 pages

65. Ecclesiastical Architecture Of The County Of Essex, From The Norman Era To The Sixteenth Century - 131 pages

66. Essex Highways, Byways, And Waterways - 250 pages

67. Memorials Of Old Essex - 323 pages

68. Essex In The Days Of Old - 253 pages

69. Essex Borough Arms And The Traditional Arms Of Essex And The Arms Of Chelmsford Diocese - 93 pages

70. Sketches Of Church Life In The Counties Of Essex And Hertfordshire Forming The Diocese Of St. Albans - 455 pages

71. The Trade Signs Of Essex: A Popular Account Of The Origin And Meanings Of The Public House & Other Signs Now Or Formerly Found In The County Of Essex, With Illustrations - 193 pages

72. The Church Bells Of Essex, Their Founders, Inscriptions, Traditions, And Uses - 526 pages

73. Essex Field Names - 304 pages

74. A History Of Coggeshall, In Essex : With An Account Of Its Church, Abbey, Manors, Ancient Houses, &C., And Biographical Sketches Of Its Most Distinguished Men And Ancient Families, Including The Family Of Coggeshall From 1149, To The Re-Union At Rhode Island, U. S. A., In 1884 - 283 pages

75. The Annals Of Coggeshall, Otherwise Sunnedon, In The County of Essex - Bryan Dale 1863 - 320 pages

76. Forest Of Essex : Its History, Laws, Administration And Ancient Customs, And The Wild Deer Which Lived In It - 463 pages

77. Lays And Legends Of The Forest Of Essex - 315 pages

78. Southend-On-Sea And District: Historical Notes - 347 pages

79. A History Of The Parish Of Leyton - 440 pages

80. A History Of Dagenham - 367 pages

81. Antiquities Of An Essex Parish Or Pages From The History Of Great Dunmow - 137 pages
82. The History Of The Ancient Parish Of Waltham Abbey Or Holy Cross - 214 pages

83. Stondon Massey, Parish & Manor - 210 pages

84. A History Of The Town Of Brightlingsea, A Member Of The Cinque Ports - 201 pages

85. The Great Revolt of 1381: Includes The Poll Tax Returns For Essex - 202 pages

86. Ingatestone And The Essex Great Road With Fryerning: Includes Copious Extracts From The Ingatestone Parish Registers - 547 pages

87. A Sketch Of Toppesfield Parish - 34 pages

88. Stifford And Its Neighbourhood, Past And Present - 219 pages

89. More About Stifford And Its Neighbourhood, Past And Present: Includes Copious Extracts From The Parish Registers - 175 pages

90. The History Of Audley End : To Which Are Appended Notices Of The Town And Parish Of Saffron Walden - 365 pages

91. Sketches Of Saffron Walden And Its Vicinity - 104 pages

92. The Oath Book Or Red Parchment Book Of Colchester - 320 pages

93. The Red Paper Book Of Colchester - 192 pages

94. Notes On The History Of The Parish Of Wickford - 32 pages

95. The History And Topography Of The County Of Essex, Comprising Its Ancient And Modern History Vol. 1 - 733 pages

96. The History And Topography Of The County Of Essex, Comprising Its Ancient And Modern History Vol. 2 - 898 pages

97. Loughton In Essex.Part I.Collections Illustrative Ofthe History Of The Manor And Parish, With Index. Part Il.Transcripts And Abstracts Of Some Old Wills Relating To Loughton, With Index. - 291 pages

98. Stray Notes On Basildon: Includes Parish Register Extracts - 25 pages

99. The Parish Church Of St. Andrews, Shalford : Its Associations With Families Whose Coats Of Arms Are On The Font, And Shields In The East Window, With Further Details Of The Ancient Families Of The De Northwoods, De Valence, De Vere, Mortimer, Fitz Walter, Fitz Barnard, And Other Families In Connection With The Same - 62 pages

100. The Cathedral Church And See Of Essex - 95 pages

101. The History And Antiquities Of The Round Church At Little Maplestead, Essex : Formerly Belonging To The Knights Hospitallers Of Saint John Of Jerusalem, (Afterwards Known As The Knights Of Rhodes, And Now Of Malta) : Preceded By An Historical Sketch Of The Crusades - 219 pages

102. The Diary Of A Working Farmer: Being The True History Of A Year's Farming In Essex (pub. 1906) - 307 pages

103. Housing Of The Agricultural Labourer With Special Reference To The County Of Essex (pub. 1919) - 83 pages

104. The Poplar Labour Colony, At Dunton, Near Laindon, Essex 1904 (With Photographs) - 17 pages

105. Transcript Of Shorthand Notes Taken At The Public Inquiry Into The General Conditions Of The Poplar Union, Its Pauperism, And The Administration Of The Guardians And Their Officers 1906 - 408 pages

106. Authentic Narrative Of The Unjust Proceedings Of The Ongar Board Of Guardians 1869 - 25 pages

107. A Contribution To An Essex Dialect Dictionary - 164 pages

108. A Glossary Of The Essex Dialect - 74 pages

109. Essex Ballads And Other Poems - 90 pages

This DVD contains .PDF format files and you will need a PDF reader installed on your computer to view them. All PDFs are searchable, which means you can input any name into your PDF viewers search or find box and most occurances will be highlighted, saving you valuable time. Indexing PDFs is not perfect so some words may be missed during a search. In order to keep as much of the detail as possible, some of the illustration rich PDF files are large. You can view them direct from the DVD but it is recommended that you transfer each file to your PC for fast loading.


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