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Cheshire 152 History PDF Books On DVD

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152 PDF Books About The History Of Cheshire
Including Parish Registers
On 1 DVD


1. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Alderley Marriage Registers 1629-1837 - 1,428 Entries.

The Parish of Alderley comprises the Townships of Over Alderley, Nether Alderley and Great Warford.

2. Transcripts Of The Marriage Registers Of Marple, 1656-1754 - 340 Entries

The Church of All Saints, which is now the Parish Church, was, up to the year 1876, a chapelry some four miles distant from the Parish Church of Stockport, to which it was attached. Anciently, there was no church between Marple and Mottram-in-Longdendale to the north-east, and the people inhabiting the villages of Romilly, Bredbury, Comstall, and Werneth had either to use the Parish Church of Stockport or else the Chapel at Marple. To the north-west there was only the little loth century chapel of Chadkirk, which, for many years after the Reformation, was in the hands of the Nonconformists. Consequently, many people from the villages of Ofterton, Torkington, and certain hamlets in between also made use of Marple Chapel

3. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Marton Marriage Registers 1563-1769 - 175 Entries.

4. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Poynton-cum-Worth Marriage Registers 1723-1753 - 91 Entries.
5. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Bruera Church, Formerly In The Parish Of St. Oswald. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1662-1812 - 109 pages

Bruera Church, formerly Bruera Chapel or Churton-Heath Chapel, stands on land reputed to be in the township of Saighton, together with the glebe adjacent to the church measuring about 15 statute acres, although the lie of the land and the boundary lines suggest that it was formerly included in the township of Churton Heath.

6. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Bebington. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1558-1701 - 247 pages

The ancient parish of Bebington, which consisted of the townships of Higher Bebington, Lower Bebington, Tranmere, Poulton-cum-Spital and Storeton (and. for ecclesiastical purposes, for many years took in the Lordship of Birkenhead), retained it.'i ecclesiastical unity until well on into the present century, when the increasing population necessitated its division into several parishes, the whole now forming seven districts

7. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Chester Cathedral. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1687-1812 - 64 pages

8. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Saint Mary Stockport. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1584-1620 - 119 pages
9. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Prestbury. Christenings, Weddings And Burials 1560-1636 - 360 pages

10-12. Transcripts Of The Parish Of The Prestbury Marriages Register 1637-1789 in 3 Volumes - 450 pages. Over 10,500 entries.

Prestbury is the mother church of an extensive and important parish, comprising within its area a large portion of the Hundred of Macclesfield. It includes no less than thirty-two townships, viz.: Adlington, Birtles, Bollington, Bosley, Butley, Capesthorne, Chelford, Fallibroome, Henbury, Hurdsfield, Kettleshulme, Lyme-Hanley, Macclesfield, Macclesfield Forest, Marton, Mottram St. Andrew, Newton, North-Rode, Pott-Shrigley, Poynton, Prestbury, Rainow, Siddington, Sutton, Tytherington, Upton, Wildboarclough, Wincle, Lower Withington, Old Withington, Woodford, and Worth. It originally comprehended within its limits the two parishes of Taxal and Gawsworth, and, it is believed, the township of Nether Alderley, the whole embracing a tract of country forty miles in circumference.

13. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Taxal Marriage Registers 1611-1837 - 740 Entries.

14. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Upton In Overchurch. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1600-1812 - 56 pages

Overchurch Parish, the only township of which is Upton, is situated about the centre of the lower mediety of the Hundred of Wirral in the County of Chester. The town of Upton is three and three quarter miles from the River Mersey on the east and the River Dee on the west, and two and a half miles from the Irish sea on the north.

15. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Chelford Marriage Registers 1674-1752 - 128 Entries.

16. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Christleton Marriage Registers 1697-1812 - 494 Entries.

Christleton is situated about 2.25 miles south-east of Chester. The parish includes the small villages and townships of Cotton Abbots, Cotton Edmunds,Littleton, Rowton, and Rowton Moor.

17. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Disley Marriage Registers 1591-1738 - 199 Entries.

18. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Gawsworth Marriage Registers 1557-1812 - 920 Entries.

19. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Lymm Marriage Registers 1568-1812 - 1,271 Entries.

20. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Pott Shrigley Marriage Registers - 1685-1751 - 78 Entries

21. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Siddington Marriage Registers - 1722-1783 - 51 Entries

22. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Capesthorne Marriage Registers - 1722-1747 - 25 Entries

23. Transcripts Of The Parish Of Bosley Marriage Registers - 1729-1750 - 18 Entries

24. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Bidston. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1581-1700 - 131 pages

25. Transcripts Of The Registers Of Eastham. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1598-1700 - 199 pages

26-27. Transcripts Of The Registers Of The Holy & Undivided Trinity In The City Of Chester - Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1532-1837 - 2 Vols - 870 pages

28. Transcripts Of The Registers Of St. Mary's, Birkenhead. Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1721-1812 - 67 pages

29. Extracts Of The Non-Comformist Registers Of Duckinfeild Chapel 1677-1713 - 26 pages
30. Extracts From The Registers Of The Parish Church Of St. Hilary, Wallasey 1574-1600 - 93 pages

31. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1606-1616 - 260 pages

32. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1616-1624 - 259 pages

33. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1624-1632 - 310 pages

34. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1639-1644 - 170 pages

35. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1661-1667 - 261 pages

36. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1667-1680 - 338 pages

37. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1680-1691 - 234 pages

38. Marriage Licences Granted Within The Archdeaconry Of Chester In The Diocese Of Chester 1691-1700 - 382 pages

39. The History Of The Ancient Parish Of Sandbach, Including The Two Chapelries Of Holmes Chapel And Goostry. Within This Publication Are, The Parish Registers Of Sandbach. Baptisms 1563-1799, Marriages 1572-1799 And Burials 1563-1800 - 332 pages

40. Pedigrees Made At The Visitation Of Cheshire, 1613 - 327 pages

41.The Visitation Of Chester In The Year 1580, With Numerous Additions And Continuations, Including Those From The Visitation Of Chester In The Year 1566. With an Appendix Containing The Visitation Of A Part Of Cheshire In The Year 1533, And A Fragment Of The Visitation In 1591 - 309 pages

42-53 . An Index To The Wills And Inventories Now Preserved In The Court Of Probate In Chester, From 1545-1650 & 1660-1810 (1761-1780 Surnames A-M only) 12 Vols - 3,269 pages

54. Rolls Of The Freemen Of The City Of Chester 1392-1700 - 220 pages

55. Rolls Of The Freemen Of The City Of Chester 1700-1805 - 305 pages

56. A History Of The Town And Parish Of Nantwich - Includes Parish Registers 1539-1812 & Monumental Inscriptions - 555 pages

57. History, Gazetteer, And Directory Of The County Palatine Of Chester; Comprising A General Survey Of The County, With A Variety Of Historical, Statistical, Topographical, Commercial, And Agricultural Information: Showing The Situation, Extent, And Population Of All The Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, Townships, Villages, Hamlets, And Extra-parochial Liberties; Their Agricultural And Mineral Productions: The Lords Of The Manors And Owners Of The Soil; Their Public Instuitutions, Charities, Antiquities, & Historical Events; With A List Of Magistrates, Public Officers, & Corporate Bodies; And The Seats Of The Nobility And Gentry - 1850 - 714 pages

58. Directory For Liverpool And Birkenhead - 1870 - 705 pages

59.Worrall's Directory Of Warrington, St. Helens, Prescot, Leigh, Newton-Le-Willows, Widnes, Runcorn, Erodsham, Altrincham, Bowdon, Knutsford, Middlewich, Northwich, Winsford, And Adjoining Townships - 1876 - 398 pages

60. Cheshire And Lancashire Funeral Certificates 1600-1678 - 271 pages

61. A Collection Of Lancashire And Cheshire Wills Not Now To Be Found In Any Probate Registry - 1301-1752 - 228 pages

62. Child-Marriages, Divorces, And Ratifications, &C. In The Diocese Of Chester, A.D. 1561-6 : Depositions In Trials In The Bishop's Court, Chester, Concerning 1. Child-Marriages, Divorces, And Ratifications. 2. Trothplights. 3. Adulteries. 4. Affiliations. 5. Libels. 6. Wills. 7. Miscellaneous Matters. 8. Clandestine Marriages. Also Entries From The Mayors" Books, Chester, A.D. 1558-1600 - 339 pages

63-71. Cheshire Notes And Queries - Devoted To The Antiquities, Family Traditions, Parochial Records, Folk Lore, Quaint Customs, &c., Of 9heshire - 9 Volumes - 2,186 pages

72-78. The Cheshire Sheaf (1880-1903). Being Local Gleanings, Historical & Antiquarian, Relating To Cheshire, Chester, & North Wales, From Many Scattered Fields. Taken Mainly From The Publication 'The Chester Courant" - 7 Volumes - 1,570 pages

79-80. Local Gleanings Relating To Lancashire And Cheshire (1877-1878) 2 Volumes - 611 pages

81. Local Gleanings: An Archæological And Historical Magazine - Articles Published From The Manchester Courier 1879-1880 - 517 pages

82-83. The Cheshire And Lancashire Historical Collector 2 Vols - 258 pages

84. County Families Of Lancashire And Cheshire - The Stanleys, Egertons,Traffords, Warburtons, Harringtons, Hultons, Grosvenors, Mainwarings, Heskeths And Davenports - 447 pages
85-87. The History Of The Palatine And City Of Chester Compiled From Original Evidences In Public Offices, The Harleian And Cottonian MSS. Parochial Registers, Private Muniments, Unpublished MS. Collections of Successive Cheshire Antiquities, And A Personal Survey Of Every Township In The County 3 Volumes - 1,597 pages

88-91. The Palatine Note-Book ... For The Intercommunication Of Antiquaries, Bibliophiles, And Other Investigators Into The History And Literature Of The Counties Of Lancaster, Chester, &c 4 Volumes - 1,131 pages

92. Hearth Tax Returns Of The City of Chester 1664-5 - 63 pages

93. The History Of The Church And Parish Of St. Mary-On-The-Hill, Chester - Includes The Parish Registers 1547-1812 - 319 pages

94-95. Wirral Notes And Queries, Being Local Gleanings, Historical And Antiquarian, Relating To The Hundred Of Wirral, From Many Sources. 2 Volumes - 201 pages

96. The Domesday Survey Of Chester - 268 pages

97. Monumental And Other Inscriptions In The Churches Of Stoak, Backford, And Thornton-Le-Moors In The County Of Chester. Copied In The Year 1904 - 100 pages

98-99. East Cheshire: Past And Present; Or, A History Of The Hundred Of Macclesfield, In The County Palatine Of Chester. From Original Records. 2 Volumes - 1,282 pages

100. A History Of Altrincham And Bowdon, With An Account Of The Barony And House Of Dunham - 214 pages

101. Greater Altrincham, Its Local Government - 68 pages

102. Memorials Of The Civil War In Cheshire And The Adjacent Counties - 324 pages

103. Birkenhead And Its Surroundings, Topographical, Biographical, Autobiographical, Anedotical, And Whimsical - 401 pages

104. Black's Guide To Liverpool And Birkenhead, With Environs Including New Brighton And Southport - 168 pages

105. History Of Ancient And Modern Birkenhead - 356 pages

106. Warrington Church Notes; The Parish Church Of St. Elfin, Warrington, And Other Churches Of The Parish - 242 pages

107. Warrington In MCCCCLXV (1465) : As Described In A Contemporary Rent Roll Of The Legh Family - 230 pages

108. Historical Sketches Of Nonconformity In The County Palatine Of Chester - 581 pages
109. Cheshire, With Maps, Diaagrams And Illustrations - 219 pages

110. History Of The City Of Chester: From Its Foundation To The Present Time; Collected From Public Records, Private Manuscripts, And Other Authentic Sources. With An Account Of Parochial And Other Charities, Never Before Published; And A Chronological Register Of Important Events To The Year 1815 - 344 pages

111. The Hundred Of Wirral - 458 pages

112. The Wapentake Of Wirral; A History Of The Royal Franchise Of The Hundred And Hundred Court Of Wirral In Cheshire, With An Appendix Containing A List Of The Officers And Lords Of The Hundred From The Fourteenth Century; A Series Of Leases Of The Hundred From 1352 To 1786; And The Crown Grant Of The Lordship Of The Hundred In 1820 - 223 pages

113. Notes On The Churches Of Cheshire - 154 pages

114. Notes On The Parish Churches Of Wirral - 32 pages

115. Roman Cheshire; Or, A Description Of Roman Remains In The County Of Chester - 337 pages
116. Notitia Cestriensis, Or, Historical Notices Of The Diocese Of Chester Cheshire - 409 pages

117. An Account Of The Ancient Town Of Frodsham In Cheshire - 273 pages

118. An Historical Account Of The Towns Of Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stalybridge, And Dukinfield - 182 pages

119. An History Of The Ancient Town And Borough Of Congleton, With An Appendix, Containing A Brief History And Description Of Astbury Church [&c.]. - 160 pages

120. Annals Of Hyde And District : Containing Historical Reminiscences Of Denton, Haughton, Dukinfield, Mottram, Longdendale, Bredbury, Marple, And The Neighbouring Townships - 352 pages

121. Notes On The Ancient Parish Of Bidston - It Comprised The Townships Of Bidston, Moreton, Saughall-Massie, And Claughton - 96 pages

122. Bygone Stalybridge, Traditional, Historical, Biographical - 345 pages

123. Contributions Towards A History Of The Ancient Parish Of Prestbury - 266 pages

124. The History Of Bruche Hall, Near Warrington, With Notices Of The Bruche And Other Families Its Owners - 69 pages

125. Memories; Or, The Chronicles Of Birkenhead, The Scenes And People Of Its Early Days - 115 pages

126. Congleton Past And Present - 284 pages

127. Memorials Of Hatherlow And Of The Old Chadkirk Chapel - 198 pages

128. Memories Of Marple. Pictorial And Descriptive Reminiscences Of A Life-Time In Marple, Leisure Hours On The Banks Of The Goyt, The Tame, And The Etherow, With Stories Old And New Of Bye-Gone Days - 160 pages

129. Notes On The Parish Of Burton In Wirral - 114 pages

130. The Antiquities Of Lyme And Its Vicinity - 419 pages

131. Reliques Of The Anglo-Saxon Churches Of St. Bridget And St. Hildeburga, West Kirkby, Cheshire With Some Of Their Sepulchral Monuments - 42 pages

132. The Ancient Parish Of West Kirby - 43 pages

133. Knutsford, Its Traditions And History : With Reminiscences, Anecdotes, And Notices Of The Neighbourhood - 157 pages

134. The History Of The Stockport Sunday School And Its Branch Schools : Together With A Record Of All Movements Connected With The Stockport Sunday School - 425 pages

135. A Perambulation Of The Hundred Of Wirral In The County Of Chester, With An Account Of The Principal Highways And Byways, Old Halls, Ancient Churches, And Interesting Villages Situated Between The Rivers Mersey And Dee - 288 pages

136. Barthomley, In Letters From A Former Rector To His Eldest Son (Local History). Barthomley Was An Ancient Parish Within Cheshire. It Contained Five Townships: Alsager, Balterley, Barthomley Itself, Crewe-Green, And Haslington - 392 pages

137. The Parish Of Eastham, Written For The Parish Magazine, 1874-76 - 77 pages

138. Guide To The Church Of St. John The Baptist In The City Of Chester - 48 pages

139. Historical Account Of Dukinfield Chapel And Its School - 155 pages

140. A Cheshire Parish; Being A Short History Of Ince, Drawn From The Parish Records And Other Sources - 151 pages

141. Notes On Shotwick - 136 pages

142. The Monuments At Bunbury Church, Cheshire - 119 pages

143. Chronological Notes On The Visitations Of Plague In Lancashire And Cheshire - 49 pages

144. A History Of The Church Of St. Peter In Chester : Including Quaint And Interesting Extracts From Its Old Registers, And A Brief Reference To Its Former Surroundings - 185 pages

145. A History Of The Castle Of Halton And The Priory Or Abbey Of Norton, With An Account Of The Barons Of Halton, The Priors And Abbots Of Norton, And An Account Of Rock Savage And Daresbury Church. With Notices Of The Historic Events Of The Neighbourhood - 250 pages

146. Changes In The Sea Coast Of Lancashire And Cheshire - 90 pages

147. Notes On The Parish Of Woodchurch - 42 pages

148. The Folk Speech Of South Cheshire - 457 pages

149. A Glossary Of Words Used In The Dialect Of Cheshire - 266 pages

150. Cheshire, Its Traditions And History, Including A Record Of The Rise And Progress Of Freemasonry In This Ancient Province - 408 pages

151. Cheshire Proverbs And Other Sayings And Rhymes - 194 pages
152. Ballads And Legends Of Cheshire - 342 pages

This DVD contains .PDF format files and you will need a PDF reader installed on your computer to view them. All PDFs are searchable, which means you can input any name into your PDF viewers search or find box and most occurances will be highlighted, saving you valuable time. Indexing PDFs is not perfect so some words may be missed during a search. In order to keep as much of the detail as possible, some of the illustration rich PDF files are large. You can view them direct from the DVD but it is recommended that you transfer each file to your PC for fast loading.

The DVD will have a printed label and be placed in a plastic sleeve. It will be posted in a strong card mailer for protection.


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