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121 PDF Books

Relating To The
Genealogy & History Of Durham
On 1 DVD

This DVD contains .PDF format files made from scanned books, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free from the Adobe website) or similar PDF reader installed on your computer to view them. All PDFs are searchable, which means you can input any term into your PDF viewers search or find box and most occurrences will be highlighted, saving you valuable time. Indexing/OCR of PDF book scans is not perfect due to the age, font, ink bleed etc. of the original publication, so some words may be missed during a search. In order to keep as much of the detail as possible, some of the illustration rich PDF files are large. You can view them direct from the DVD but it is recommended that you transfer each file to your PC for fast loading.

1. The Registers Of Castle Eden - Baptisms - 1661-1812, Marriages - 1698-1794, Burials - 1696-1812 - The Parish Of Castle Eden, Which Comprises No Dependent Townships, Is Bounded On The North By Easington Parish, On The West By The Chapelry Of Wingate (Formed Of Portions Of The Parishes Of Castle Eden And Kelloe), And On The South And East By Monk Hesleden - 39 pages

2. The Registers Of Conscliffe - Baptisms - 1590-1812, Marriages - 1590-1812, Burials - 1591-1812 - The Parish Of Coniscliffe, Which Comprises The Townships Of High Or Church Coniscliffe, And Low Coniscliffe, Is Bounded On The North By Heighington, On The West By Gainford, On The South By The River Tees, And On The East By Darlington - 142 pages

3. The Registers Of Seaham - Baptisms - 1646-1812, Marriages - 1652-1794, Burials - 1653-1812 - The Parish, Comprising The Townships Of Seaham, Seaton, And Slingley Is Bounded On The North By Bishopwearmouth, On The West By Houghton-Le-spring, On The South By Dalton-Le-dale, And On The East By The German Ocean - 82 pages

4. The Registers Of The Cathedral Church, Durham- 1609-1896 - 214 pages

5. The Marriage Registers Of Ryton - 1581 -1812 - The Ancient Parish Of Ryton Was A Very Extensive One, Comprising The Present Ecclesiastical Parishes Of Ryton, Winlaton, Stella, And Greenside. The Parish Of Winlaton Was Formed November 6th, 1832 ; That Of Stella August, 1844; And That Of Greenside May 6th, 1888. The Ancient Parish Of Ryton Was Divided Into Four Quarters: Ryton, Winlaton, Crawcrook, And Chopwell - 240 pages

6. Index To The First Volume Of The Parish Registers Of Gainford, Part 1 Baptisms 1560-1784 - The Parish Of Gainford Consists Of The Townships Of Gain-ford (Including The Districts Of Alwent And Selaby), Piercebridge, Bolam, Morton Tinmouth, Summerhouse, Headlam, Langton, And Part Of Cleatlam, All In The County And Diocese Of Durham - 187 pages

7. The Registers Of Ebchester - 1619-1812 - Ebchester Is A Small Irregular Shaped Parish Situated Almost In The Extreme North-west Corner Of The County And Diocese Of Durham, And About Twelve Miles South-west Of Newcastle-On-Tyne; Being Bounded On The North And East By The Parishes Of Ryton, Whickham, And Medomsley ; On The West By Whittonstall And Shotley, From Which It Is Separated By The River Derwent; To The South By That Of Benfieldside And Medomsley - 1900 - 88 pages

8. The Registers Of The Cathedral Church Of St. Nicholas, In The City Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Marriages, 1574-1812 - 1914 - 332 pages

9. The Parish Registers Of St. Oswald's, Durham, Containing The Baptisms, Marriages And Burials, 1538-1751 - 1891 - 329 pages

10. The Regester Booke Belonginge To The Paryshe Of Houghton-In-The-Springe, 1563-1611 - 49 pages

11. The Registers Of Whickham, In The County Of Durham. Marriages, 1579-1812 - 1898 - 204 pages

12. Durham Marriage Bonds, 1664-1674 - 1912 - 190 pages

13. Churchwardens" Accounts Of Pittington, And Other Diocese Of Durham From 1580-1700, Namely Extracts From The Vestry Books Of St. Oswald's, St Nicholas" And Houghton Le Spring - 1888 - 391 pages

14. Memorials Of St. Giles, Durham, Being Grassmen's Accounts And Other Parish Records ( Extracts From Parish Registers 1584-1694) , Together With Documents Relating To The Hospitals Of Kepier (Kepyer) And St. Magdelene - 1896 - 337 pages

15. Wills and Inventories from the Registry at Durham Pt 1 - 1835 - 448 pages

16. Wills And Inventories From The Registry Of Durham Pt 2 - 1860 - 421 pages

17. Wills And Inventories From The Registry Of Durham Pt 3 - 1906 - 218 pages

18. Pedigrees Recorded At The Visitations Of The County Palatine Of Durham In 1575, 1615 & 1666. Illustrated With Upwards Of 150 Coats Of Arms - Joseph Foster 1887 - 367 pages

19. The Registers Of Stanhope, In The County Of Durham : Marriages, 1613-1812 - 1900 - 169 pages

20. The Books Of The Companies Of Glovers And Skinners Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - 1921 - 82 pages

21.-23. 3 Volumes - Local Records; Or, Historical Register Of Remarkable Events Which Have Occurred In Northumberland And Durham, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, And Berwick-Upon-Tweed, With Biographical Notices Of Deceased Persons Of Talent, Eccentricity, And Longevity A.D 80-1857 - Total Of 1263 pages

24. The Acts Of The High Commission Court Within The Diocese Of Durham. (Full Of Fascinating Court Cases) - 1858 - 293 pages

25. The Monumental Inscriptions Of The Cathedral, Parish Churches, And Cementeries Of The City Of Durham - 1880 - 328 pages

26. Kelly's Post Office Directory For Durham 1879 - 545 pages

27. Kelly's Directory Of Hartlepool And West Hartlepool - 1885 - 282 pages

28. Kelly's Directory Of Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, North And South Shields, And Suburbs - 1883 - 692 pages

29. A Descriptive And Historical Account Of The Monuments And Tombstones In The Church Of St. Nicholas, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - 1880 - 207 pages

30.-38. 9 Volumes - Antiquities of Sunderland and Its Vicinity - Includes Extracts From Whitburn, Boldon And Houghton Parish Registers - 1910 - Total Of 1,040 pages

39.-40. 2 Volumes - Extracts From The Records Of The Merchant Adventurers Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - Contents; Extracts From Minute Books, Disputes Between The London Company And The Newcastle Company, The Eastland Company, Extracts From Accounts, Oaths, Enrolments Of Apprentices And Admissions Of Freemen, List Of Sons And Apprentices Of Members Who Have Only Taken Up Their Freedom Of The City - 1899 - Total Of 798 Pages

41. Durham Protestations, Or The Returns Made To The House Of Commons In 1641/2 For The Maintenance Of The Protestant Religion For The County Palatine Of Durham, For The Borough Of Berwick-Upon-Tweed And The Parish Of Morpeth - 1922 - 255 pages

42. The Annals Of Stockton-On-Tees; With Biographical Notices - 1865 - 212 pages

43. Extracts From Records Of The Incorporated Company Of Barber-Surgeons And Wax And Tallow Chandlers Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - 1891 - 43 pages

44. Extracts From Records Of The Butchers" Company Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - 1891 - 91 pages

45.-47. 3 Volumes - History of Newcastle and Gateshead From the 14th To The 17th Century - 1887 - Total Of 1,484 pages

48. History And Characteristics Of Bishop Auckland: Including A Description Of The Parish Church Of St. Andrew's Auckland, St. Ann's Chapel, The Bishop's Palace, And Other Places Of Historic Interest In The Neighbourhood - 1872 - 205 pages

49. The Story Of The Durham Miners 1662-1921 - 162 pages

50. Records Of The Committees For Compounding, Etc. With Delinquent Royalists In Durham And Northumberland During The Civil War, Etc. 1643-1660 - 1905 - 491 pages

51. The Poll, At The Election Of Two Citizens To Serve In Parliament, For The City Of Durham, Taken Before Martin Dunn Esq. Mayor, The 19th, 20th, 21st. 22nd, 23rd. And 24th Days Of July, 1802 : Arranged And Carefully Examined With The Original Poll Book - 27 pages

52. The Poll At The Election Of One Citizen To Serve In Parliament For The City Of Durham, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, And 10th Days Of December 1813 - 22 pages

53. The Poll For Two Knights Of The Shire, To Represent In Parliament The Southern Division Of The County Palatine Of Durham : As Taken Before The Several Deputy Sheriffs, The 21st And 22nd Days Of December, 1832 - 80 pages

54. The Poll Book Of The Free Burgesses And Householders Who Voted At The Contested Election For The Town And County Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, And The Townships Of Benwell, Byker, Heaton, Jesmond, & Westgate, On Thursday & Friday The 13th & 14th December 1832 - 1833 - 53 pages

55. The Poll Book Of The Contested Election For Newcastle Upon Tyne, On The 6th & 7th January 1835. Listing the Names Etc. Of The Freemen & Householders Who Pledged Votes - 1835 - 31 pages

56. The Proceedings And Poll, At The Election For Two Knights Of The Shire, To Represent In Parliament The Northern Division Of The County Of Durham, Taken Before The Several Deputy Sheriffs, 7th And 8th August, 1837 - 99 pages

57. The Poll Books Of The Newcastle Elections. April 1859, The General Election; And June 1859, On The Appointment Of The Judge Advocate General. Listing The Names Of Voters, (Freemen & Householders). The Street And House Number Where They Lived Is Given For The Majority, And Who They Pledged Votes For - 1859 - 80 pages

58. Registers Of Voters For The Southern Division Of The County Of Durham 1868-9, And Poll Taken 23rd November 1868 -Names Of Voters, Who They Voted For , And District Given. Poll Districts; Barnardcastle, Bishop Auckland, Crook, Spennymoor, Hartlepool, Darlington, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Wolsingham, West Hartlepool, Sedgefield, Stockton, St. John's, Chapel & Stanhope - 219 pages

59. Registers Of Voters For The Northern Division Of The County Of Durham 1868-9, And Poll Taken 24th November 1868 -Names Of Voters, Who They Voted For , And District Given. Poll Districts; Castle Eden, Chester-le-Street, Durham, Gateshead, Heworth, Hetton-le-Hole, Jarrow, Lanchester, Seaham Harbour, Shotley Bridge, South Shields, Sunderland, Whicldiam & Winlaton - 228 pages

60. Extracts From the Records Of The Company Of Hostmen Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - Contents; Charters And Records, Orders And Minutes, Extracts From Accounts, Forms Of Oaths, List Of Governors, Admissions Of Members, Enrolments Of Apprentices, Present Members - In The Municipal Life Of The Middle Ages, Hosts, Hostelers, Or Hostmen Were Those Free Inhabitant Householders To Whom Was Assigned The Duty Of Entertaining Merchant Strangers, Of Becoming Answerable For Their Peaceful Conduct, And Of Supervising The Sales And Purchases Of Their Wares And Merchandise. It Was One Of The Privileges Of Their Position That They Should Furnish Their Guests With Such Supplies As Were Not Monopolised By Any Trading Gild Already. Established In The Place In Which They Resided. For Example, The Hostelers Might Not Make Horse-bread In The Hostelries, Because That Was Within The Province Of The Trade Of The Bakers, But They Might Sell Hay And Oats After A Reasonable Price To Their Guests, Because In London, Before The Date Of The Ordinance And Enactment Which So Provided, The Hostelers Had Amalgamated With The Hay-Mongers And Become Dealers In Hay - 1901 - 381 pages

61. Memorials Of Old Durham - 1910 - 295 pages

62. A Muster Of The Fencible Inhabitants Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne In The Year 1539, Derived From The Original Preserved In The Rolls Chapel ; Preceded By Some Observation On The System Of Watch And Ward - 22 pages

63. Records Of The First Parliamentary Election For The Borough Of Stockton-On-Tees; Embracing The Polling Lists, Reports Of Public Meetings - 1868 - 94 pages

64. A Record Of The Great Fire In Newcastle And Gateshead : To Which Is Prefixed A History Of Newcastle, Including Its Antiquity, Historical Events, And General Description, (Forming A Guide Book To The Town;) Also As Introductory To The Great Calamity, An Account Of The Disastrous Effects Of Cholera, Pestilence, Flood, And Fire, Which Have Occurred In The Histories Of Newcastle And Gateshead - 1855 - 170 pages

65. Cholera, As It Has Recently Appeared In The Towns Of Newcastle And Gateshead : Including 33 Named Cases Illustrative Of Its Physiology And Pathology, With A View To The Establishment Of Sound Principles Of Practice - 1832 - 167 pages

66. The Parish Of Winston Churchwardens" Accounts, A.D. 1632-1695 - 1894 - 44 pages

67. The Local Records Of Stockton And The Neighbourhood; Or, A Register Of Memorable Events, Chronologically Arranged, Which Have Occurred In And Near Stockton Ward And The North-Eastern Parts Of Cleveland - 1868 - 335 pages

68.-69. 2 Volumes - The History And Antiquities Of The County Palatine Of Durham; Comprising A Condensed Account Of Its Natural, Civil, And Ecclesiastical History, From The Earliest Period To The Present Time; Its Boundaries, Ancient, Parishes, And Recently Formed Parochial Districts And Chapelries, And Parliamentary And Municipal Divisions; Its Agriculture, Mineral Products, Manufactures, Shipping, Docks, Railways, And General Commerce; Its Public Buildings, Churches, Chapels, Parochial Registers, Landed Gentry, Heraldic Visitations, Local Biography, Schools, Charities, Sanitary Reports, Population - 1857 - Total Of 1,530 pages

70. The History And Antiquities Of Sunderland, Bishopwearmouth, Bishopwearmouth Panns, Burdon, Ford, Ryhope, Silksworth, Tunstall, Monkwearmouth, Monkwearmouth Shore, Fulwell, Hylton, And Southwick : From The Earliest Records Down To The Present Time Vol 1 (No More Volumes Published) - 1858 - 538 pages

71. The Parochial History And Antiquities Of Stockton-Upon-Tees : Including An Account Of The Trade Of The Town, The Navigation Of The River, Stockton Church, Churchyard Inscriptions, And Of Such Parts In The Neighbourhood As Have Been Connected With That Place - 1829 - 595 pages

72. The History And Antiquities Of The Parish Of Darlington, In The Bishoprick - 1854 - 577 pages

73. A Historical And Descriptive Account Of All Saints" Church In Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Illustrated With Plans, Views, & Architectural Details - 1826 - 144 pages

74. A Thousand Years Of The Church In Chester-Le-Street - 1854 - 218 pages

75. White's General Directory Of The Town And County Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne And Gateshead, Blyth, North And South Shields, And Tynemouth, The City Of Durham, Sunderland, Bishop And Monk Wearmouth, Stockton-On-Tees, Middlesborough And Yarm, Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland, Chester-Le-Street, Darlington, Hartlepool, Houghton-Le-Spring, With The Principal Intervening Villages, Forming A Complete Directory Of The The Coal Trade And Ship Building On The Tyne, Wear, And Tees; Also Of The Chemical, Colour, Earthenware, Glass, Rope, Sail Cloth, Soap, The Cast Bar And Wrought Iron, Chain, Cable, And Steel Manufacturers Of The District; Forming The Most Complete Book Of Reference For The Principal Shipping Towns In The Counties Of Northumberland And Durham. With Lists Of Corporate Bodies, Magistrates And Other Public Officers, Post Office Regulations, Railways, Steam Packets, Sailing Vessels, Markets, Fairs, &c. The Population Returns For 1841. - 1847 - 629 pages

76. History Of Staindrop Church And Monuments - 1888 - 131 pages

77. History Of The Parish Of Ryton, Including The Parishes Of Winlaton, Stella, And Greenside - 1896 - 199 pages

78. The Names & Addresses (Town And/Or Village) Of over 3,000 Owners Of Land Of One Acre And Upwards, Whether Built Upon Or Not, In Durham, With The Estimated Acreage And Annual Gross Estimated Rental Of The Property Belonging To Each Owner - 1875 - 83 pages

79. The History Of Hartlepool: Compiled From Various Authentic Sources, From The Earliest Ages To The Present Time. Together With A List Of All The Principal Tradesmen And Others Resident Within The Borough, Notes Of All The Public Buildings, &c. - 1844 - 78 pages

80.-87. 8 Volumes - The Local Historian's Table Book Of Remarkable Occurrences, Historical Facts, Traditions, Legendary And Descriptive Ballads, Connected With The Counties Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Northumberland, And Durham. Historical Division. Vol. 1-5.- Legendary Division. Vol. 1-3 - 1846 - Total Of 3,358 pages

88. The Records Of The Gateshead Company Of Drapers, Tailors, Mercers, Hardwaremen, Coopers And Chandlers - 1907 - 127 pages

89. The Church Of Auckland St. Andrew (Or North Auckland), Commonly Called South Church - 1897 - 191 pages

90. Desultory Notices Of The Church And Vicarage Of Long Benton, In The Diocese Of Durham; With Extracts From Registers, Traditions, &c - 1843 - 43 pages

91. History Of Hartlepool - 1851 - 436 pages

92. The Meeting House At Horsley-Upon-Tyne - 1887 - 33 pages

93. Notes On Some Forgotten Burying Grounds Of The Society Of Friends : Gateshead, Whickhan, Boldon, South Shields, North Shields High End And At Cullercoat - 1892 - 44 pages

94. The Borough Of South Shields, From The Earliest Period To The Close Of The Nineteenth Century - 1903 - 527 pages

95.-98. 4 Volumes - The Proceedings And Reports Of The Town Council Of The Borough Of Newcastle For The Years 1865, 1866-67, 1882-83 & 1883-84 - Total Of 1,752 pages

99. Witton-Le-Wear Church, Including Extracts From The Parish Registers, 1561-1817 - 1894 - 29 pages

100. True Stories Of Durham Pit-Life - 1911 - 165 pages

101.-102. 2 Volumes - A Descriptive And Historical Account Of The Town And County Of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Including The Borough Of Gateshead - 1827 - Total Of 790 pages

103. The First Newcastle Directory 1798 - Reprint 1889 - 89 pages

104. The History Of The Urban District Of Spennymoor: With Occasional References To Kirk Merrington, Middlestone, Westerton, Byers Green, Page Bank, Croxdale And Ferryhill - 1897 - 289 pages

105. The Place Names Of Durham - 1916 - 111 pages

106. The Orphan-House Of Wesley : With Notices Of Early Methodism In Newcastle-Upon-Tyne And Its Vicinity - 1863 - 309 pages

107. A Glossary Of Provincial Words Used In Teesdale In The County Of Durham - 1849 - 163 pages

108. History, Topography, And Directory Of The County Palatine Of Durham : Comprising A General Survey Of The County, With Separate Historical, Statistical, And Descriptive Sketches Of All The Towns, Boroughs, Ports, Parishes, Chapelries, Townships, Villages, Wards, And Manors. To Which Are Subjoined A History And Directory Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, And A List Of The Seats Of The Nobility And Gentry - 1856 - 1065 pages

109. Jubilee History Of Annfield Plain Industrial Co-Operative Society Ltd., 1870 To 1920 - Includes Many Pictures Of Store Buildings And Staff - 1921 - 178 pages

110. History Of The Crook And Neighbourhood Co-Operative Corn Mill, Flour & Provision Society Limited And A Short History Of The Town And District Of Crook - Includes Many Pictures Of Store Buildings And Staff - 1916 - 262 pages

111. History Of The Bishop Auckland Industrial Co-Operative Flour And Provision Society Ltd., From 1860 To 1910 - Includes Many Pictures Of Store Buildings And Staff - 320 pages

112. A Glossary Of Terms Used In The Coal Trade Of Northumberland And Durham - 1888 - 95 pages

113. All Around Stanhope: An Historical And Descriptive Sketch Of Stanhope's Surroundings - 1882 - 119 pages

114. A Catalogue Of Place-Names In Teesdale - 1887 - 239 pages

115. The Goldsmiths Of Newcastle - 1887 - 44 pages

116. A Guide To Croft, Dinsdale, Middleton, Darlington, Etc - 1834 - 107 pages

117. Upper Teesdale, Past And Present - 1898 - 103 pages

118. The Old 'Fox And Lamb" Public House, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle - 1893 - 8 pages

119. Pleasant Memories Of Darlington And Neighbourhood - 1881 - 177 pages

120. The Tyne Songster, A Choice Selection Of Songs In The Newcastle Dialect - 1840 - 336 pages

121. Rhymes Of Northern Bards: Being A Curious Collection Of Old And New Songs And Poems; Peculiar To The Counties Of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, And Durham - 1812 - 327 pages


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